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ChartPro (China) Software Limited. is a leading provider of technology and services for the global financial industry. ChartPro delivers financial market access solutions that are used by institutional trading house and professional trader worldwide.

Available as deployed software or as managed services, ChartPro develops and provides the tools needed for running profitable trading or brokerage businesses in today’s competitive and ever-changing markets. ChartPro provides sales and support services from its offices via email and online support.

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12 Floor, Metropolitan Plaza, 100 Huaihai Road, Shanghai, China

Chart Pro

Main functions and features:
. stable operation, high-speed data transmission, support advanced market alert, allow trader s to be able to make earlier and better trade decisions.
. Rich, Informative, customized and user-friendly technical indicator creation, provides powerful trend line drawing tool.
. Fully support traditional candlestick chart as well as Dow Jones professional OX points and figure chart
. Inter-market Scans and Spotting opportunities
. Flexible and practical multi-threaded charting window, easily customized own personalized page

Chart Pro Software aims to maintain high speed future market date feed and state-of-the-art data transmission technology . With its innovative and user friendly interface, Chart Pro provide a perfect function and superior performance to the professional trader with its 1st class customer support services.
Chart Pro Software 's features and functions:
1. Chart Pro offers simple and highly compatible interface, it has comprised all advance features of those softwares currently available in the market. The software designed has taken into consideration user operation habit as well as formulated indication. With its humanized market alert signal, provides fast and easy market data access to the users. Modern design interface adopting like MS Windows 7 and MS Office operation environment. Customized menus and toolbars allow user to make Chart Pro to be the trader best tool for market analysis.
2. Carefully built the system core for data processing core and display, optimize for current large memory multi-core Powerful CPU operation but using up less system resources; data source from P2P and C/S complementary patterns, supports high speed and data volume push technology for data transmission (data traffic can be less than 5k per second), Chart Pro allows user to replenish missing data manually which will reduce the real time data feed transmission speed.
3. Various forms of information display modes, makes it easy to browse information such as finance illustration, notice and etc.
4. Easy to use intelligent unit platform, allowing you to easily filter out satisfying unpopular shares from the thousands of stocks; captures real time changes and early market warning
5. Freedom in the segmentation of window page, easily customize your personalized analysis interface, multiple methods of analysis in a glance.
6. Advanced chart comes with multiple varieties and targets overlay for either candlestick or time chart, and equipped with an array of drawing tools
7. Strong market statistics features, helps you build market insight, main market capital flows and sentiment.
8. Support the tick by tick chart trends collection; pre-opening long and short quote at a glance.
9. Original interactive platform, which greatly facilitate the sharing of research results.